The Dumaine House

Phone: 802-368-2977 Formerly the Mello's Retreat Center

A Pristine Place in Vermont ...for a Family
Gathering, Group Retreat, or a Weekend Getaway

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The Dumaine House is owned and operated by Terrie and Dave Dumaine, and is located in the beautiful mountains of Southern Vermont. It is a place to take a deep breath, rejuvenate and enjoy the beauty of the mountains of Vermont.

Dave and Terrie have been in the hospitality business for over 10 years.  They have welcomed thousands of people from all over New England, as well as hundreds from outside the New England area to their fully restored farmhouse is situated on a 43 acre hillside in the southern Vermont village of Jacksonville.  This is a refurbished house with a group living facility that still retains the charm of an old farmhouse. 

Our home offers a quiet setting for all.  The natural beauty of southern Vermont and the interesting and varied recreational opportunities provide added enjoyment to your time with us as a family group, retreat group, or individuals for a wonderful Bed and Breakfast experience.





Dave and Terrie Dumaine
At: The Dumaine House


Phone & Fax: (802) 368-2977
P.O. Box 217  267 Academy Rd.
Jacksonville, VT 05342



The Dumaine House
Dave & Terrie Dumaine
PO Box 217
267 Academy Road
Jacksonville VT 05342

Contact Us

Phone: 802-368-2977

Contact Us

Phone: 802-368-2977

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